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Tennessee vs. New Hampshire: Marketing for Economic Development & Tourism

On this episode of Brand2Brand: The Marketing Show, Thomas and Veronica visit successful government-funded marketing campaigns across the U.S.  States have carefully branded themselves for decades to drive tourism and economic development. In the wake of the pandemic, special grants and funding have given communities the ability to leverage dynamic marketing strategies like never before. […]

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Brand2Brand Season 3, Episode 2: Samuel Adams vs. M&M's

Samuel Adams vs. M&M’s: The Power of Campaigns

On this episode of Brand2Brand: The Marketing Show, Thomas and Veronica enter the ultimate battle of the brands – The Super Bowl. Marketing campaigns have the power to excite an audience or leave them utterly confused. We break down the key factors in predicting the marketing winners and losers. Reference Links:

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B2B Season 3 Episode 1: Disney vs. Starbucks

Disney vs. Starbucks: Loyalty Starts with Leadership

On this episode of Brand2Brand: The Marketing Show, Thomas Stirling and Veronica St. Cyr dig into leadership’s impact on brand loyalty. From Disney CEO’s massive layoffs and disappointing earnings to Starbucks CEO’s antagonistic emails and unionization controversy, leading a brand has never been this complicated. Reference Links

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Season 2 Highlight Reel Thumbnail

Season Two Highlight Reel

In this episode of Brand2Brand, Thomas and Veronica take a stroll down memory lane, revisiting some of season two’s greatest moments. From discussing the importance of building brand equity to exploring emerging technology, join us as we dive back into everything we covered during season two.

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Thomas A Stirling View


Leader Of The Brand.

Does Brand Authenticity Always Follow The Leader?

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You Do You. Until You Don’t. Brand Authenticity Gets Personal.

When You’re The Brand.

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Brand authenticity. Get real or get lost.

For a younger and increasingly influential generation of consumers, a brand’s authenticity matters.

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Putting Strong Brands Back to Work

Our new blog series, ‘WTF Do We Do Now? Business in the Time of Corona,’ explores the question business leaders all over the world are asking right now: how do we keep our businesses going—and growing—during a crisis? This week, as businesses slowly begin reopening, our CEO Tom Stirling explains the best ways to communicate your reopening plans to […]

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